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Experience counts... quality equipment is mindless to your needs with-out years of practice and success. Chief Engineer John Burgess is not only a recording engineer, he’s a composer, arranger, musician... and also has a degree in computer science! A good engineer (and musician) should adapt to many musical styles and is aware of the different techniques used in each! Sound Foundry lives this philosophy. Now 2 Camera Hi-Definition video (HD) and non linear editing is available for business events, concerts and studio shoots with with pro audio multi-track sync. options available - or simple stereo from a separate pro audio system - please inquire now! (Full 1080p video is supported as well as TV 30 frame and cinema 24 frame mode, variable shutter speed and depth of field - to name a few!)



Recording Tools!

The Studio:
Full studio recording and production services are provided. World Class Microphones, 14 channels of custom built microphone tube and solid state pre-amps by Millennia Media and Sytek (as well as many other pre's), Mogami Cable and hi-bit depth recording will take your acoustic and synth tracks to a heart throbbing new reality! (Yes, even your synth tracks may sound better than you knew! With a few analog tricks up our sleeve - we may get your synth or sound module sounding better than a digital patch... not a believer? ... then try it!!) Digital and analog connections are supported for most equipment on the market - including vintage gear!  The location and rates are dependent upon your project and space needs during the sessions - please give a call or email for a free Info./Rate Card and optional planning meeting! Studio "Day Rate" and "Band Rate" discounts are available to suit your studio use and needs.

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Real time transfer of recorded material into digital editor: For loading audio from DAT, ADAT, Analog or other real-time-only media.  (CD and most disk formats may be loaded at high speed - thus not needing this step).

Basic transfer of stereo material to CD from linear "real-time" media such as tape: $25. per hour. (additional "clone" CD’s of the master CD are $2. each in a slim line case with black text labeling. - call for volume quantity discounts.) Discounts on material shorter than 30 minutes may be given.

Please call for Video or Film audio sync. questions and pricing - many options are available from multi-track sync. to final output cleanup/mastering.  More in the Mastering Section.




Mastering Tools

Comprehensive mastering is provided for in-house and out-sourced recordings. All mastering is kept in 32 bit file format until the final conversion to the target medium of your choice... from 16 bit CD to 24 bit DVD or video formats, etc. Sound Foundry Productions can take any recording and bring it to new heights - with additional depth, luster and warmth. The better your source recordings - the farther we can take it! And, even if you recording is not where you want it we may be able to help it bloom more than you ever thought possible! Please call or email for a free Info./Rate Card and optional planning meeting! "Maxing" a recording is one of our strongest points! Complete project discounts available when you have recorded/mixed with us!  More about mastering.




Recording On-Location

On Location: (a high-end focus here!)
True studio quality is always maintained on location by Sound Foundry Productions in using the same world class Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser & AKG microphones (to name a few!) ...and hand made, custom built Millennia Media and Sytek microphone pre-amplifiers - also as in the studio.

Stereo (2 track)
24 bit 96Khz hard disk and/or 16 bit DAT available: [Very good for Classical, Acoustical or Small Ensemble type performances.] (please call for a project quote... there’s no charge for travel with-in the Cincinnati I-275 loop area!) Please call us for out-of-state or international recordings - we’re up to it!  Also, please contact us for day rate discounts!

Location Multi-Track Recording
(digital high bit depth - beyond CD quality!): [Best choice for Critical CD and DVD audio projects... from Rock, to Jazz to Classical recording - Live or Closed Session - all musical styles can benefit!]

- Up to 24 tracks live - email or call for an Information and Rate Card

- Projects 24 to 48 tracks live - Please email or call for a custom project quote!

 Location "rough mix" CD-R disks are Free and usually available shortly after performance - while on-location!

Please feel free to call or email for a free Info./Rate Card and optional planning meeting! (There’s no charge for travel with-in the Cincinnati I-275 loop area!) Four hour minimum location call... Please call us for out-of-state or international recordings - we’re up to it! Also, don't forget to contact us for day rate discounts!



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