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A few mastering tools.

A true art of finesse, details and big picture view... Experience counts ultimately more than the tools... but we have some of the best of both!! Mastering Engineer John Burgess has over 15 years of experience in producing commercial music titles of many musical styles and formats - as well as for radio, television and film.

He believes in "bringing the music out" while "not stepping on it"... a balance of art and technology is always kept in mind! Keeping your project in "high bit-depth" is a must to be competitive in today's tight music market.  Our 32 bit storage mastering package is written in Germany and has some of the sweetest EQ's and processing in the business! Even 16 bit mixes, DAT's, CD's and Analog Tape can be enhanced and pumped to new levels of excellence! Whether you desire true analog tube outboard processing, pure hi-bit digital or a mixture of both - its all here waiting for you.

A significant amount of mastering work here is related to the clean up and restoration of precious vintage recordings. Complex digital noise reduction - separating the audio spectrum into several thousand bands, creating a model of only the "noise" and pulling it from a recording are a normal days work here!  Spectral enhancement creates missing harmonics, "early reflection generation", reverberation touch-up and much more are added only as needed to enhance/update the recording. Digital noise reduction and de-clicking are available for your new projects also - as needed.

Post production for video and film are done with the same care and detail as the most critical music title release - keeping picture locked to sound is always a critical must. Enhancement, sweetening and other magic tools of the trade like ADR can be provided.

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