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 File Conversion Nightmares!

Production for the Web

Let us help with the file maze todayís demanding Internet world presents. Sound Foundry Productions provides Internet audio and media production services. From the recording of voice spots, your music, music composition, royalty free library music... to file conversion and quality prep for web distribution!



Contact us for your Internet media needs!  We can create the content you wish or convert your pre-existing media to the needed formats. Having an audio/media professional assist you in presenting your content on the web will allow you to get Maximum Impact over the competition! There are many nuances to preparing the audio and other media before conversion to Internet file formats - including advanced settings on many file encoders that must be optimized for speed and size. If these parameters are set properly for your specific content, the quality will be at itís best... if not, sonic mangling can result! Donít let someone turn your audio into a growling Digital Dog... or give your video a case of the digital jitters!!

We also do audio "sweetening", music mixing and sound effects production for,  music, broadcast radio and television - and don't forget Web Design!

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote for your Internet media needs! (File conversions can be done at very reasonable rates!)


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