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... to push quality to its limits... to develop uncharted new techniques... and to give all clients 110% effort.

The goal at SFP is to give all clients quality support in all aspects.  And, if we don't provide the service, we'll work hard to find someone who does - such as our relationships with Radio and Television content creators and broadcasters.  Sound Foundry provides support, creative services and audio "sweetening" or audio post production to enhance their media content.

SFP was started in October of 1994 by John Burgess.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, a Minor in Music and a number of years experience in programming, business and music prior to starting SFP.  He got his start in broadcasting while in college at WKWC-FM - starting in production and moving to announcing and programming for classical and jazz radio for a time.  In his first year after college, he spent the year developing a full featured program to automate the on-air production log for music scheduling, promotion spots placement and music data base of all the recordings the station owned.  This program was used for a number of years after his leaving!

John and SFP have provided services for many arts and media outlets, creating recordings with over 40 tracks on location live to tape/storage disk.

Who We've Worked With: The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera Company, May Festival Chorus, Linton Chamber Music Series,  Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Owensboro Symphony Orchestra, Lima Symphony Orchestra... audio content created for NPR and PBS, Armed Forces Radio Network, WGUC-FM, WMKV-FM WOBO-FM, WCET-TV...  Artists like: conductor Keith Lockhart, Steve Schmidt, Mike Sharff, Frank Vincent, Carmon DeLeone(conductor, Cincinnati Ballet), Bonia Shur(professor, international composer of Hebrew music), Phil Amalong, composer Allen Sapp, Jim Connerley, Katie Laur-"1'st Lady of Bluegrass", Betsy Lippitt, Bobbie Fisher, Rod Stucky(faculty UK), Mary Henderson(faculty, CCM), Michele Gingras(faculty MU), Jaime Morales Matoes, Owen Lee(principal bassist, CSO)... Groups like: The Veronika String Quartet(Russia), Southern Gateway Chorus(including 50'th anniversary CD project), Adagio Trio, The Mistics, Water2Wine, Over the Rhine Steel Drum Band, Silver Arm, St. Margaret's Choir-Westminster Abbey-conductor Simon Over... and internationally distributed radio programs such as The Parent's Journal and Internet Moments - including more than 35 commercially released CD's of jazz, rock, pop, blues, acoustic, orchestra, big band, chorus, steel drum band, electronic media... and many, many radio programs!

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